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A full year before moving to France my husband (fiancé at that time), learned that the adjoining apartment next to his flat would soon be up for rent. He approached the landlord and secured it to serve as a studio for me. He rented the empty flat for a full year before I arrived. I believe that part of his motivation was to acquire this space so that he wouldn’t have to sort through and edit his own collection of “stuff” in our apartment. My husband is a scientist, and like most scientists, he has a fundamental need to accumulate books, documents, magazines, journals and “information” of every kind. In order to be fair and balanced in the partitioning of our real estate, he realized that I needed a place to accumulate my brushes, books, paints, easel, and an ever growing collection of art supplies.

Whatever he was thinking, I am tremendously grateful for his support and continued sponsorship of my creative aspirations. The apartment has three rooms; the main room for painting and messy work, my library / computer room, and my sewing room. I’ve posted a few shots below of the main room where I do all of my painting.

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