First show in Chicago at the Tom Robinson Gallery

First show in Chicago at the Tom Robinson Gallery

This past summer I was quite fortunate in many ways. I spent three weeks at the Blueberry View Artist Retreat in Benton Harbor Michigan. In addition I was granted a show at the Tom Robinson Gallery in Chicago.

The timing couldn’t be better as I had just completed the largest pieces to date during my residency at Blueberry View. I usually work on wood panel, but with travel restrictions (coming from Europe), I decided to work on paper and mount the pieces on my return. I also packed some smaller pieces I had completed back home.

This was a very exciting event for me but a bit frightening at the same time. I had never displayed my work as a painter and it was the first time I could get feedback and reactions to my work. I was feeling a bit vulnerable but those feelings quickly faded as people started to arrive and respond to my work.

I was humbled by the turnout and grateful for the many sales that were made. I couldn’t have asked for a better debut into exhibiting my work. I have many to thank for this opportunity, including Tom Robinson for welcoming into his gallery, and Harvey Tillis the talented photographer who captured the event so wonderfully.

Janet Jaffke  -  Jaffke Studio

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