The “paint scribble” was the focus of this weeks lessons.

We experimented with making paint scribbles or masses using different brushes as well as a heavy body (thicker paint out of a tube) and liquid acrylics (thinner and flowed from a bottle). I was able to detect differences in the marks based on these variables. Again, the goal was not to come up with finished work but to experiment and observe what happens with each tool and paint.

Results from different brushes

Small pointed brush allowed for a more linear mark, the heavy body left lumps of paint in some areas which made the coverage uneven in transparency

Credit card – much more angular marks, heavy body was less solid and more textured

Sponge – Fluid let the paint swirl on the paper, heavy body created more texture and smaller lines and the paint was spread thinner and showed more transparency.

Results of using different brushes

I’ve had this brush for years and never found ane effective use for it so I thought I’d give it a whirl. I really like scribbling with it. The heavy body (left) made more distinct lines while the fluid (right) allowed for some solidity in the center

Results of experimenting with a brayer

Brayer with fluid paint (left) created a thinner mark and did not spread as far as the heavy body paint (right).

The next part of the assignment is to use 18″ x 24″ paper and make three paint scribbles that are different in size, character, and color. This is a simple direction, but it does not come naturally.. Usuallly, if we are not paying attention, we’ll make scribbles that are the same size and of similar character. Also we wanted to leave open space.

I can see here although I used different tools to apply the shapes they are pretty much the same size. The scribble, lines and pattern were varied and I was successful in keeping an interesting white space.

Ok in this one my two big shapes are almost the same size and have similar quality  the line and pattern are different. I now realize I did not do a mark scribble and I may have gone off the lesson with my pattern as I used graphite to rub over a net to create pattern. An interesting effect but not exactly what was asked for. I also could have pushed for more white space, although there is some.

More successful in creating different shapes sizes and character. Also fulfilled the requirement of line, scribble, pattern and white space. I do notice the graphite scribble is close in size to the gray paint and the pattern. ;-(  I would have adjusted that if I had seen it earlier.

Aside from straying from the exercise with the pattern, this feels successful in accomplishing all the requirements. I like the difference in the opaque and transparent colors as well. It’s fascinating how much I can fall into a repeating default mode without paying close attention.

This one   also seems to meet the requirements. I felt this was the most successful of the group although again the graphite scribble is the same size as the brown paint scribble. Creature of habit I guess… it’s great to develop this awareness! I think with more and more practice all of these marks could become even more distinct. Great exercise!

Janet Jaffke  -  Jaffke Studio

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