This week was the week to draw, scribble and fling!

I spent the week using house paint in collaboration with paint-markers and fine pen lines.

The first part of the week I tried to acquire some sort of control over dripping  house paint from a wooden stick.  Since the viscosity is much thicker than other paints the marks achieved were rather indirect. I then went in to add pen and paint marker lines.

I noticed that the paint line achieved varied depending on how quickly or slowly I moved my hand. I also noticed that the mark was different depending on the proximity of the stir stick to the paper. The left was a faster movement and the middle was slower and closer to the paper. The right was a flicking attempt. It was super fun to play this way.

Here are some examples of my mixed lines. House paint applied after the markers. 9″ x 12″ In the second example I can see my default line but done with 3 different tools. It’s so interesting to see that I continue to move in the same way without a conscious effort to do so differently.

Below are examples of using paint marker both before and after house paint. Going over the house paint slows down the line making a bit which impacts the mark. 9″ x 12″. I  found it was more difficult to be spontaneous and expressive with the lines when they need to move over the house paint.

Janet Jaffke  -  Jaffke Studio

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