Incorporating Collage as a Mark

This was the final week of the workshop and the goal is to try to focus on using collage as a mark and then develop those collage marks by adding lines, scribbles, pattern, drips, spatters etc. I’m presenting these in their stage in progressl

The final piece feels extremely busy to me and the two circles feel too much the same size. Obviously I had difficulty leaving empty space but I do like some of the effects I was able to achieve with the small marks on the right. When I was practicing the pipe cleaner on other paper I learned that I can make these marks on regular paper and use them as collage elements as well as going directly on the surface. both have their advantages. I also had trouble with the graphite smearing… a good learning experience.

I probably could have stopped on the third pass but I felt I needed to keep going. At the end piec I was on overload. I love the added lines but not the extra paper that was added at the bottom. I also don’t think the yellow adds much here. A good example of not leaving enough white space.

This was the one I felt was most successful. It isn’t overworked and I really love the loose line on the right. It’s a combination of graphite pencil and house paint. I love the organic qualities mixed with the sharp edges.

This had a few more layers and I think it works fairly well. I don’t like the X that is cut in paper because it looks a bit out of place. Maybe this would have been more effective if it were painted. but I do appreciate the white drops / splatters in combination with the white brush stroke. The fine lines made with a handmade brush are nice but on top of the manilla envelope it sort of looks dirty which is not pleasing.

This one is kind of interesting to me. It feels a little less busy. I love the branchy mark made with a pipe cleaner and the dark swirl gives it a great feeling of being part of something larger. I would have preferred smaller drops on the right but I do like the random feeling of the less controlled marks.

Ok so this one feels totally out of control but there are some things I really like that I will reference in the future. I think the black line in the middle works quite well on a solid background. The little hatch marks on the lower part are quite interesting to bridge and area. The toothbrush splatter with the darker abstract marks on top create an interesting atmospheric effect. The house paint scribble is a bit close in value to work on it’s own yet combined with everything else it gets a little busy.

This was really a good exercise in experimenting with layering all these techniques and using them alongside collage.  It was hard to work so small and feel fully free to splatter and fling and I can’t wait until the weather is nicer to continue more free experimentation outdoors.  What I learned mostly is that there is a balance on using all these elements and that it can be really exciting to layer combinations, especially ones that might not be considered. Also noticing and being aware of my default marks and the importance of white space.  I’m really looking forward to continuing to play with all of these options and I’m happy to have all these little experiments to remind of what works and what doesn’t! What a great experience this has been!

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