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Well it’s been about 2 months since I signed the lease to my new studio in Lörrach, Germany. I finally spruced the place up, moved in and am ready to get back to work. Before I do, I thought I would share a bit of the process with you. It was a big task but I’m super happy with the outcome.

Phase I
The first order of business was to repaint the black room with the neon lunar landscape. Every inch of this room was painted black including the ceiling, along with an excess of electrical outlets, serious video cables and speakers built into the walls. Maybe the previous occupant worked in film or video production. Whatever the case, the task was a bit  overwhelming. I felt like a bit of an exorcism painting over someone else’s work, but I was quite happy with the end results. I now have a study / library / lounge where I can hang my work and review it with a different perspective.

Phase II – Pinwall Installation
The next step was to create a large “pinable” surface on one of the walls, so I could pin together fabric pieces while working. It took my husband and I three weeks to design, source, and build my vision. We had to rethink our concept several times while we researched materials and budget and finally committed to using a very thick and heavy wool padding, commonly used here in France as carpet and flooring insulation. It was a wide enough surface and the thickness and density could hold the weight of larger work.  The end result was a layer of the gray carpeting wool topped with a layer of white cotton felt (from the fabric store) and a final layer of white cotton twill. Although installing the heavy  carpeting felt was quite challenging, in the end it was worth it – my pinwall works perfectly for my needs!

First layer of carpeting wool.

My husband André, proud of his engineering!


Phase III – Reconfiguring and Disposing
The previous occupant left behind a bunch of stuff, some junk including a few large office desks. Originally I didn’t want to keep the desks but the “re-use and recycle” voice in my head telling me if I didn’t use these desks, I’d be at the thrift store buying something just like this – why move it out just to pay and have to move something else in? I’m on the 3rd floor without and elevator.

My “miracle-of-a-husband”, André rose above the status of sainthood. Using much of the time he would have liked to be in the garden, we worked together over two weekends to reconfigure the tables. I was able to use every large item left behind in such a way I couldn’t have planned it better. Definitely a good karma studio.

Here’s a few after shots. I’m going to try very hard not to accumulate more “stuff” just because I have more room. 😉 – something I always find easier said than done.

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